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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

What went down at 2CSTalks: How do you define the word natural? What does it mean to you?

Women came from Columbus, Toledo, and Oxford, OH to explore our first ever 2CS Talks. With the comfort of: Chef J's Catering amazing french toast, bottomless mimosas, and a top 3 playlist, we were able to create our very own magical space. Many of the ladies in the room were strangers to one another but we were instantly able to create an open, connected space. The feeling in the room was so familiar... it was like hanging with the homies. The energy was rejuvenating. The aurora was refreshing.

Our passions and experiences, which once were unknown to each other, were instantly supported in an unbelievable way. Genuine conversations and shared experiences saturated the room. We poured light and love into each other. The impossible somehow felt possible... In other words, the Black Girl Magic was out of this world.

The 2CS Hunnies (what we call our 2CS Talks guests) came from unique backgrounds and carried very important perspectives. Though we're all at different points in our journey's through Black Womanhood, we shared a few qualities. We were driven, passionate, and go-getters. t2CS Hunnies were dancers, law-students, bloggers, photographers, models, business owners, STEM majors, and the list goes on. The room was the future. It was possibility and hope. It was the Black representation that we so desperately look for in our every day lives.

To start, we posed the question "What does natural mean to you?". From there, we listened with open ears and gleaming eyes as our sisters expressed their views.

The word "natural" seems to fluctuate in meaning when exposed to different contexts. So we asked, "How does the word "natural" change in the workplace, in family dynamics, your day-to-day activities, romantic or platonic relationships"? We played with this question a lot and came to a conclusion; Natural is not just a form of expressing your hair in it's most healthy state.

Natural, simply put, is you at your core. You define natural. That's the power of self expression. We, as Black Women, get to answer "what does natural mean to you" in our own individual ways. This conclusion lead to an ability to exhale both mentally and physically within our created space.

The feeling of comfort that comes from unison is one that promotes self-confidence. One woman has the power to inspire a population of women to come. This can be a response to the beauty found in the ability to be "natural".

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